Apr 24, 2008

"Fantasies" in the Sky

Despite video to the contrary, Russian military officials continue to dismissed reports of their involvement in the Georgia shoot-down incident as "fantasies."

It would be rather embarrassing for a Russian MiG-29 to have been captured on tape firing at an unarmed Georgian drone, since unarmed recon aircraft are not prohibited under the 1994 Ceasefire Agreement.

Not to worry, the Abkhaz have an explanation: it was us.

“Abkhaz Deputy Defense Minister Garry Kupala told journalists that an Abkhaz Air Force L-39 jet had flown the mission, not a Russian MiG-29.”

But as Jamestown notes, this explanation is problematic. 1) The L-39 does not resemble the distinctive silhouette of a MiG-29. 2) The L-39 lacks the on-board radar needed to fire air-to-air missiles. 3) L-39 is primarily used as a trainer or, in some cases, a light bomber.

Keep trying. Seriously, you’re doing better.

The video is even better:

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