Apr 18, 2008

Putin's "Private Life"

Some rumors are too good to be wrong. This is likely the reason why Putin was quick to hush the whispers he’s set to marry Alina Kabayeva: "There is not a single word of truth," he said.

Either way, someone is going to get their heart broken. If not Kabayeva, then at least Ludmilla Puin, who may or may have been divorced from her husband. We may never know, since the soon-to-be-Prime Minister said, “…there are certain limits…There is a private life that nobody has the right to interfere with."

How cute.

Meanwhile, it has all gone south for Moskovsky Korrespondent editor Grigory Nekhoroshev, who initially stood by his story of the pending nuptials. Shortly after, the FSB raided his offices. Why is the foreign intelligence service raiding the offices of a local tabloid? We can only assume that Nekhoroshev was harboring dangerous spies and counter-revolutionary wreckers from the British Council.

After a visit from the FSB, Moskovsky Korrespondent retracted the whole thing, saying "there is no factual base for our publication."

There you go. Absolutely no truth to the story. Everyone agrees. Please move along. Nothing left to see here....


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