Apr 30, 2008

Eternal Remont is Now Troll Friendly

After yesterday's BBQ, Legal Nihilist suggested we open Eternal Remont up to trolls. Always in the mood to be called a crusader jew who hates Russia, we think this is a smashing idea!

So welcome trolls. The smoking lounge and comment section is now open.


Aleksandr Griboyedov said...

these yellow journalisms show that you hate russia peoples. Esteemed President Berdymukhamedov change turkmenistan in the beginning XXI century with good support of russia. source you write owned by jews and oligarchs .. down with orange nato swine and USA puppets, try to kills slavic peoples in serbia. abkhazia will be eternal part of gloryous russia and south ossesia. your jew media lie. you in west hate slavic peoples by giving USA moneys to kosova. Putin will be great leader of russia to fight USA and take the ukraine and moldavia and kirgizia back to us!

Is that a good start?

Pirates&Diplomats said...

That's the spirit! =)