Apr 1, 2008

The Internet is a Strange and Creepy Place.

Some jokers at BlogFlux took it upon themselves to rank Eternal Remont alongside several very suspicious interest area blogs.

Hilarity ensued.

Unconscionably, we rank “extremely similar," 91%, to a bunch of Southern nationalist, neo-separatist, state’s rights wackos, professing “Our liberty and the dream for the Republic our forefathers envisioned” (read slavery).


We also get slotted with a bunch of wild-eyed libertarians. For the record, Eternal Remont has never inhaled.

Then there's the Western Hemisphere Policy Watch blog, which if memory serves, is in the wrong hemisphere. But who's keeping track, right Miss. South Carolina?

Now even if our officially stated interest area is broad enough to include "the floor of the Moscow subway with a sweet candy coating," Eternal Remont really has to question the logic behind BlogFlux's algorithm.

Seriously, Irish legal fiction? What does that even mean?

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