Apr 17, 2008

The Future Mrs. Putin?

The Moskovski Korrespondent, Italy's La Repubblica, most of the Russian bloggosphere, and Eternal Remont's very own inbox are alive with flagrant rumor mongering that Putin will marry 24-year-old Uzbek gymnast Alina Kabayeva (pictured).

This, however, presents one small problem, since Putin is (was?) kinda, sorta, в принципе - да, married to 50-year-old Ludmilla, the mother of his two children.

Then again, we bet Ludmilla can't scratch her nose with a pinky toe. Ha!

More here.

Update: Here's a video of Kabayeva at the Athens Olympics, where she demonstrates her ability to look sprightly and bend in impossible ways. Talk about an upgrade.

(Thanks to Chalmers and James!)

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