Apr 9, 2008

Sergey Lavrov: Quote Machine

These past few months, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has been a one man quote machine. However, his comments yesterday on missile defense have definetly raised the bar.

AP reports: “Lavrov also warned that a U.S. failure to respond to Moscow's concerns on missile defense would prompt Russia to deploy weapons capable of piercing the missile shield in order to protect its security. ‘Russia would respond with military-technical measures,’ Lavrov said.”

For everyone keeping score at home, Lavrov just threatened to attack NATO if Moscow doesn't get its way.

1) Unless the Czechs and Poles agree to Russia’s terms (monitors)
2) Russia could use its own offensive weapons
3) to destroy the defensive shield
4) so as to prevent said shield from being used to stop Russia's offensive weapons

Now, under some circumstances 'military-technical measures' can also mean spy satellites. But we are pretty sure that's not what he meant by 'deploying weapons.'

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