Nov 10, 2009

Vladivostok: Future Capital?

Borrowing from South Park: "Say what you will about Dmitri Trenin, but the SoB sure knows story structure."

Trenin's plan for "Russia Reborn" (published in the latest edition of Foreign Affairs):
“If Peter the Great were alive today, he would decamp from Moscow again – only this time to the Sea of Japan, not the Baltic. As such, Russia would do well to think of Vladivostok as its twenty-first-century capital.”
Until today, I had never imagined 6 foot 7 Peter the Great walking through Seoul with an iPod, drinking the kids in a Korean Internet parlor under the table and then stealing their girlfriends.

Thank you, Dmitri. Thank you so much.


Ern said...

Tangent, but you started it, the Imaginationland Episodes of South Park are SO classic!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

100% agree. Hence the shout-out.