Nov 24, 2009

United Russia’s Family Feud

Last week, United Russia held its annual party congress. Usually this is a carefully scripted affair. Not this year. In fact, no-one seemed to have any idea who's really in charge or what's the plan.

In his speech "Forward Russia!", President Medvedev proposed that the country move ahead with rapid modernization. After the golf clapping subsided, Parliamentary Speaker Boris Gryzlov proposed a full throttle reversal away from modernization and back to “Russian conservatism.”

"It means we shall go forward with Russian conservatism," Gryzlov later tried to explain.

Oh, I’m sorry Boris. That’s not the right answer.

For his part, Putin chose to phone it in – saying little of interest aside from a brief shout-out to his new “cash for clunkers” program.

One day at a time, buddy. One day at a time.


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