Nov 19, 2009

Violence in Moscow

And other things I've sadly come to expect from our beloved Russia.

According to a YahooNews and plenty of other sources, a confrontation between far-right youths and anti-racist activists erupted into Moscow's streets yesterday after the fatal shooting of 26-year-old anti-racist activist Ivan Khutorskoi (AKA the Bonebreaker).

Khutorskoi was gunned down in his apartment building on the city's outskirts Monday night. A day later, dozens of masked men pelted the headquarters of the pro-Kremlin youth group Young Russia with stones, trash and steel rods, Young Russia's leader said.

Let's do the list:

1. Appalling that people continue to get murdered for their ideals in Russia.
2. Appalling that people with ideals could also be violent. I'm judging both sides here.
3. What is happening to Russia? Declines in population. Crime on the rise. Violence on the rise. Rampant corruption. Putin, Medvedezhonok, whoever is in charge, take care of your population.

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