Nov 17, 2009

Turkmen Teens Banned from Driving to School

Go back to your roots, Turkmen children! The 'bashy rode horses his entire life, I'm sure...

So according to the Turkmen Intiative of Human Rights, in September students were banned from driving their own cars to higher educational establishments. Road police officers were authorized to levy fines on violators. Police are now spending their days in back streets and yards, adjacent to the university buildings in search of cars belonging to students.

Quick Questions: 1. Is Turkmenistan so awesome that they had to create new crimes to give the police something to do? 2. Is it worse to be a young person in Turkmenistan and not be able to drive, or worse being a kid in Belarus, where Santa lives in a 8 X 8 prison cell?

Anyway, apparently, these are all signs of returning to 'bashy days, when students were forbidden to have gold crowns, use mobile telephones, or drive their own vehicles to classes. Maybe if they make a Rukhnama iPhone app they'll be cool with mobile phone use.

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Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

"Rukhnama iPhone app."