Nov 23, 2009

Ukraine Meddles with Media

What year is it? This is why color revolutions are BS.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Odessa city officials barred reporters from entering their offices in the Odessa Television and Radio Center and then cut the power supply to their newsrooms and transmitter, silencing 12 independent broadcasters. Only the broadcasters’ office in the municipal building had their power supply cut; the building’s other tenant, the Odessa Public Utility Service, which leases two top floors to the broadcasters, has continued to work undisturbed.

It is believed that critical reporting on corruption in the city administration and its poor financial policies have prompted official retaliation ahead of the 2010 mayoral and presidential elections.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

That would be a tad ironic to cut the power to the Public Utility Service.

elmer said...

Shades of Ukrainian Pravda, which had that done to them all the time!

Along with assorted and numerous "inspections"!

I guess maybe Odessa has run out of "inspectors".