Nov 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kalashnikov!

Red Army tank commander Sgt. Mikhail Kalashnikov, who invented his first machine gun in 1942, turned 90 this week. 90. Again, it really pays to be a Soviet somebody. It extends your life expectancy by like 40 years. And, Medvezhonok tried to ride someone else's coattails yesterday by decorating Kalashnikov with the country's highest order, the Hero of Russia. What did he do to earn it? He invented the AK-47...

The AK-47, along with its various modifications, has been recognized in the Guinness world record book as being the most common machine gun worldwide. For national armies and paramilitary guerrillas alike, it has been a weapon of choice for more than six decades.

Really, where would the Caucasus be without you, sir? But seriously, you're a World War II hero, and that makes you not just a Russian or Soviet hero. Позравляю!

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Anonymous said...

Mikhail Timofeeivich undoubtedly is drinking his own vodka in that photo.

He serves as Honorary Chairman of Kalashnikov Joint Stock Vodka Co. (1947) plc., which makes Kalashnikov Vodka.

This guy has his IPR covered! No wonder Izhmash is going after those Bulgarian counterfeiters!