Nov 19, 2009

CIA in Lithuania

So, I often get misunderstood by our more critical readers as not liking Russia. (Completely false, I love Russia.) And, I often get called out for not pointing out America's flaws when I point out Russia's flaws. I never really see the point of that. The blog is about the former USSR not the US, but today, you get your wish oh critics of ER's Ern. The US is being accused of having a secret CIA prison in Lithuania.

According to the Washington Post, today, a Lithuanian parliamentary committee is investigating whether the CIA operated a secret prison for terrorism suspects in a forest from 2004 until late 2005. Moreover, according to several people interviewed, this was pretty much common knowledge among the citizens of Lithuania. Why common knowledge needs to be investigated is kind of baffling.

Secret prisons. Oh Bush's America... I will say three things.

1. Not a bad place for a secret prison. Never would have guessed Lithuania.

2. However, while it was kept secret from me until today, not so much a great secret if every Lithuanian passing by knows you're interrogating/water boarding possible terrorists there. Maybe you should have sound-proofed the place, jerks.

3. What the hell are we paying Kyrgyzstan so much money for? We really only get the Manas Air Base out of that deal? They couldn't throw in a shady secret CIA prison? We had to go to a forest in Lithuania? For reals?

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Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

It's not a secret if it's in the WashPost.

See that, I just blew your mind.