Jul 24, 2007

What I don't get about Belarus...

...well, that could fill the oceans, but what I don't get is that, unlike the Central Asian countries and Russia, they have no gas or oil or natural resources to sell the rest of the world. This reality carries with it at least 2 consequences.

1. You're going to need to bring in money some other way. Tourism could work, if you could convince people Belarus is worth visiting and safe enough to visit.

2. The EU is not going to stand by idly while you trample on basic rights and freedoms, because you have nothing to offer them to invite such brazen hypocrisy.

Think, Belarus!

RFE/RL: Pavel Sevyarynets of the Youth Front (Malady Front) movement, and Aleksey Shein, co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party, were found guilty of distributing illegal literature. The 2 were detained on July 23 after police found them in possession of leaflets containing information about a future opposition meeting. Sevyarynets was freed from an earlier prison term in May after being convicted for organizing an unsanctioned rally. Several other members of the Youth Front have been fined or sentenced to prison in recent months for participating in an unauthorized organization. The group has made several attempts to gain legal authorization.

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