Jul 20, 2007

The Cult of Putin-ality

This is a much longer article, PLEASE read the whole thing.

Washington Post: With 2 new manuals for high school history and social studies teachers, written in part by Kremlin political consultants, Russian authorities are attempting to imbue classroom debate with a nationalist outlook.

The history guide contains a laudatory review of Putin's years in power. "We see that practically every significant deed is connected with the name and activity of President V.V. Putin," declares its last chapter. The social studies guide is marked by intense hostility to the US.

Both books reflect the themes dominating official political discourse here: that Putin restored Russian strength and built what the Kremlin calls a "sovereign democracy" despite American efforts to isolate the country.

I love this part. As if we could have successfully pulled off a color revolution! We couldn't even kill Castro!

Other events, such as the so-called Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004, in which hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians overturned the official results of a presidential election they believed to be fraudulent, are explained as largely American-inspired plots.

And my favorite part...You always got to bring it back to Uncle Joe.

According to the new history manual, Stalin was brutal but also "the most successful leader of the U.S.S.R."

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