Jul 24, 2007

Some Great News

VOA: 6 medics held in Libya on charges of infecting 100s of children with the AIDS virus have been released. They have received a warm welcome in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. The 5 Bulgarian nurses and 1 Palestinian doctor boarded a French presidential plane bound for Bulgaria. They were accompanied by EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner and French First Lady Cecilia Sarkozy.

Bulgarian EU Commissioner Meglena Kuneva says the case was another reason for her country to join the EU, this year. "This is not only about cohesion funds. This is not only about agriculture," she said. "This is this overwhelming feeling of solidarity when you are really in a desperate situation, as we have been for all these years, trying to release our medics.

Libya lifted death sentences against the medics, last week, commuting the terms to life imprisonment, after families of the more-than-400 infected children received about $1 million, each, in compensation.

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