Jul 23, 2007

What happens in Bulgaria...usually leads to death

The Sofia Weekly: A night of shameless boozing has claimed the life of an 18-yr-old Dane in Bulgaria's Sunny Beach resort, on the southern Black Sea coast. Peter Alink, together with a group of friends of his, toured 5 pubs in the resort with the intention to just have a taste of the famously delicious Bulgarian wine. The innocent plan, however, turned into a booze orgy laced with industrial quantities of the lethal combination of vodka, beer and tequila.

Cheap drink, bargain flights and cut-price hotels are giving foreigners licence to save their money and lose their inhibitions in Bulgaria. Doctors in Sunny Beach say they find it hard to handle the emergency cases involving foreigners as it is not only teenagers, but also elderly people, who spend the night drinking heavily in the numerous pubs of what was once an up-market resort. It has become a common site to see a dozen of unconscious bodies sprawling on the streets of the resort in the early morning hours, they add.

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