Jul 6, 2007

EU: Let's 'Come' Together

For the purposes of Eternal Remont, we're going to file this one under "EU integration woes." It was just too good to pass up.

This week, the European Commission's "daily news briefing sprung to life with questions over whether a 44-second clip of 18 couples achieving ecstasy in a variety of positions and venues was the best way to show how Brussels uses taxpayers' money," Reuters reports.

"The raunchy clip is made up of snippets from various general release films that have been funded by the EU...Some reporters also took a swipe at the title of the sequence, asking whether "Let's Come Together" was acceptable innuendo -- and if it was, whether the pun worked in the 27-member Union's other official languages."

NSFW, except in the EU, we guess.

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