Jul 3, 2007

Jingoistic Geology?

Russian geologists have determined that an oil-and-gas rich region under the North Pole is connected to Russia via an underwater shelf. The North Pole, therefore, should belong to Russia.
Nevermind there's a treaty recognizing the region as an international zone, or that other scientists doubt the validity of the findidng.

"Frankly I think it's a little bit strange," Sergey Priamikov, the international co-operation director of Russia's Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St Petersburg, told the Guardian. "Canada could make exactly the same claim."

That's because the Canadians are sane.


Aivar said...

OR russians could just start pumping oil whilst claiming that no treaty is being violated ;)

Vika said...

that sounds suspiciously like Russia. Hmmmmm.....