Jul 8, 2007

Driving Drunk in Uzbekistan

Thinking of driving home drunk? Make sure you do it in Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Slovakia or Uzbekistan -- none of which have laws prohibiting drunk-driving.

But, watch out in Estonia or Poland, where the legal blood alchohol limit is a draconian .02, followed by an equally punishing .03 in Georgia, Moldova and Turkmenistan -- or roughly equal to a shot of mouthwash. (Read it here.)

0.08 BAC - Is the legal limit in most of the United States.
0.35 BAC - Will induce blackouts and stupor.
0.50 BAC - Is the published overdose level leading to death.
0.60 BAC - Is the limit for Aeroflot pilots to fly a passenger jet.
0.74 BAC - Is the highest recorded blood alcohol level by a US hospital.


Drevo said...

Actually in Slovakia it is illegal to drive at any age after drinking any amount of alcohol. They have had a zero tolerance law since 2005. However, because the driver is strictly not allowed to drink - passengers may. So while traveling in Slovakia, make sure to bring a bottle of Slivovica with you to take advantage of being able to get sloshed legally in a moving vehicle.

Aivar said...

whats that drink slivovica?