Jan 10, 2007

"Not Suitable for Human Consumption"

Russia could have feasted on "Democracy Fruit". Shame it wasn't a truck load of oranges from Ukraine. (ERN)

Taymuraz Mamsurov, “president” of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, said on January 8 that the Prosecutor-General's Office should open criminal proceedings against the drivers of some 60 trucks that have blocked the main highway between Russia and Georgia to protest Russia's refusal to allow them to bring their cargos of tangerines into Russia, Russian media reported.

Russian officials claim the fruit has not been inspected and certified suitable for human consumption. Russia banned the import of agricultural produce from Georgia on health grounds in 2006. The Georgian authorities recommended on January 7 that the drivers end the blockade of the highway they began several days earlier and that the producers seek an alternative market for their produce.” From RFERL

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