Jan 18, 2007

Bringing Home the Bacon...Redux

If Southwest Airlines can offer a Kosher meal, why can't a Serbian kindergarten? (Ern)

Fromn RFE/RL:

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia has criticized the policy of serving pork at a kindergarten that includes Muslim children, B92 and UPI reported on January 15.

Parents of Muslim children attending the Nova Varos kindergarten have protestedthe practice, but the school's principal said religious customs couldnot be observed at such an institution. In a statement, the committee called the practice "yet another example of discriminatory behaviorin Serbia, whose citizens are well aware that Muslim religious code prohibits the use of pork." The committee also called on all institutions to show "respect [for] cultural and religious identity," as opposed to "the...discrimination displayed so far." Muslims account for approximately 8.5 percent of Nova Varos's population. BW

(Eternal Remont is taking the long view on this one...we've come a long way, from mass graves and ethnic cleansing, to quibbles over pork at a kindergarten. A little perspective never hurt anyone.)

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