Jan 30, 2007

And So It Begins (Igor)

Ladies and gents, esteemed Kremlinogists, consider Russia's 2008 "presidential campaign" hereby open. Here are the candidates... Well, THE CANDIDATE: (cue drum roll), it's Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin!

Deputy head of the Justice Ministry Vladimir Kolesnikov explained yesterday: "The constitution of the "transitional period" has fulfilled its historic duty, now it's time to adopt a new constitution". Mr. Kolesnikov further wondered: "Is it normal to have only four-year terms for the president of a country as large as ours? That's not even enough time to go around the whole country".

Well, having thus eloquently explained the (rather obvious) link between timezones and democratic procedures, Mr. Kolesniknov has me convinced...NOT :)

Read it all here: http://vz.ru/news/2007/1/29/66334.html

On the other hand, Mr. Kolesnikov does not take into account the genius solution already proposed by a body infinitely more competent in judicial and political affairs then he'll ever be: The Onion newspaper. That's right, in 1998, the Onion already solved Russia's "succession paradigm" in a brilliant article titled "Control of Russia Given to Random Flock of Geese". http://www.theonion.com/content/node/38944

So, why re-invent the wheel, Mr. Kolesnikov? Why not geese?

(Igor, my friend, you sir are brilliant. I would offer that the idea is being floated by a Deputy from the Justice Ministry, for sole purpose of gauging reaction. See Part II above.) PBD

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