Jan 18, 2007

2 Bulgarians Arrested in US for Stealing 500 kg of...Quartes, Dimes, and Pennies?

That's correct...."Two Bulgarians were arrested in the US for the theft of USD 18,000 in change, Darik News reported, citing CBS TV.

The two Bulgarian citizens were arrested in San Marcos, Texas with a nearly half a ton of 25-cent coins. According to CBS the two were on a holiday trip but had no money for it. The janitor of a residence building called the police to inform for a burglary in the shared laundry premises. Plamen Ivanov and Ilko Boyadzhiev were caught on the spot but their accomplice managed to escape. Police found USD 18,700 in a nearby parked delivery van.

They also found catalogues of holiday villas in Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina and Louisiana. Police considered the three men, who reside in the US with student visas, wanted to find some money to pay for a holiday trip around the south states. Four policemen and a bank clerk spent more than four hours in counting the stolen money.

(Thanks Ern)

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