Jan 29, 2007

'Borat' puts Kazakhstan on holiday map

(Thanks Nurzhan!)

Friday, January 26 2007, 01:03 GMT
By Dave West

Kazakhstan is now a top holiday destination thanks to Borat, a poll has shown.Sacha Baron-Cohen's mocking in Borat: Cultural Learnings Of American For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan gave the nation global attention. It has now shot to third place in a list of the European countries that tourists and gap-year students would most like to visit, based on a poll of 2,800 people by http://www.travellersconnected.com/.Alastair Banks, from the website, explained: "It's really quite fantastic what Borat has done to raise the public profile of Kazakhstan.

"For it to get more votes than Spain demonstrates the sheer power of the media. When we compiled the same survey last year, Kazakhstan barely got any votes at all." Top 10 destinations:
1. Italy
2. UK
3. Kazakhstan
4. Spain
5. France
6. Greece
7. Turkey
8. Austria
9. Germany
10. Holland


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