Jan 22, 2007

More Fears Over 'Orange Revolutions' (Thanks Ern)

As lenta.ru reports, "Several deputies, most of whom belong to the pro-Kremlin Unified Russia party, submitted a bill to the State Duma on January 18 to ban public marches or gatherings for the two weeks preceding and following elections, "The Moscow Times" reported on January 22.

"The bill is apparently the latest attempt to make sure that Russia will not follow in the path of Georgia and Ukraine, which saw regime changes brought on by massive protests over fraudulent elections." The paper added that the bill will enable the authorities to "ban a rally or march if they have 'sufficient and preliminarily confirmed' information about planned illegal actions that might take place during the event....The authorities must first seek court confirmation that any violations of the law are being planned."

(In solidarity with Russia's dwindiling space for public freedom, Eternal Remont hereby invites all friends and nemises to a "planned illegal actions" party this weekend. Bail money required at the door. PBD)

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