Jan 29, 2007

India to "Bhai" Russian Reactors (Thanks Igor)

Igor writes: Gotta love the title (word play on "bhai bhai" - friendship in Hindi), but after that massive nuclear deal India and Russia inked yesterday, the Indians are excited.

"It's only to be expected that two of the world's fastest-growing nations, India and Russia, should cosy up," opined the Times of India.

(Eternal Remont hates to be a stickler for the facts here, but when did Russia become one of the "worlds fastest-growing nations?" That's like saying, Kevin Federline is one of the world's fastest growing pop stars.)

Meanwhile, Russia cares little for the facts, as it counts all the money it's making from this “friendship.”

"India is the second-biggest buyer of Russian weapons after China. Up to 80 percent of weapons and hardware now in use by New Delhi has been supplied by Moscow, say experts."

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