Apr 18, 2007

What's a Nuclear Missile Submarine Without Nuclear Missiles?

...Why the Yuri Dolgoruky of course, the latest addition to the Russian Navy. This week, First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov trekked up to the White Sea for the launch of the new Borei class nuclear missile submarine. The only problem? The Russians don't have any missiles to install. Instead, Moscow is going to put the ship to sea and let the crew make laps around the ocean...all the while praying to Neptune the thing doesn't sink. (Kremlin watchers take note -- as Ivanov was given the nod to MC the event, looking oh-so-presidential in his duties.)


Ern said...

Russia will always be a Potemkin village. She can't help herself. She really can't.

Pirates&Diplomats said...

So true.

Ivanov is the big story here. The sub is just garnish.

Vika said...

sigh. maybe the sailors can be attached to the sub and pull it to sea, like oxen.

How can you even call it a sub when it's not full of seamen?

Sorry. It's that kind of day.

Pirates&Diplomats said...

Nice. =)

Anonymous said...

Has the radiation leaked through him already? Is it quieter than AC/DC? I think maybe the Russians should stick to fishing boats and vodka.