Apr 23, 2007

Some thoughts on Yeltsin

These are taken from emails sent into CNN today.

Victor, Bahamas
Boris Yeltsin was the man who -- more so than anybody else -- ended the cold war with his bravery. He had many fine moments, but few leaders in history have had one as magnificent as when he got up and stood on that tank, facing down decades of history with just his will. Boris Yeltsin was my personal hero.

Erik of Mansfield, Ohio
Boris Yeltsin is a modern Lenin. He was a leader after yet another change in the regime. He made many political advances and helped Russia "come out in the open" and ease fears of the Cold War. He will be remembered by many Russians and American-Russians.

Datril of Owings Mills, Maryland
I remember Boris Yeltsin for laughing with Pres Clinton ... that was truly funny -- an American pres and Russian pres laughing together -- who would ever thought that would happen? And also when he had an interview with an American reporter. The reporter asked him a question, Yeltsin looked at the reporter and said, "either you are an idiot or the translator is" -- but his facial expression was to die for! RIP Yeltsin!

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