Apr 4, 2007

Come Visit Beautiful Chernobyl:

Some British guy claims the radiation is about the same as in Kyiv...

From UNIAN: The risk of survivors of the Chernobyl accident dying early is far less than supposed, ranking about the same as exposure to air pollution or passive smoking, according to new research published. Jim Smith has been a regular visitor to the contaminated 30-km "exclusion zone" around Chernobyl and has found wildlife to be thriving there. Some people are also living in the area and surviving well into their 70s. "Populations still living unofficially in the abandoned lands around Chernobyl may actually have a lower health risk from radiation than they would have if they were exposed to the air pollution health risk in a large city such as nearby Kyiv," Smith wrote in the journal BioMedCentral Public Health.

"The mis-perception of radiation risks has caused serious economic, social and psychological problems for the population," he said. The World Health Organisation puts at 9000 the number of people expected to die of radiation exposure from Chernobyl, while environmental group Greenpeace has predicted an eventual death toll of 93,000. Smith's research was funded by Britain's government-backed Natural Environment Research Council.

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