Apr 25, 2007

Emomali Goes West, Sort of...

Tajik Foreign Minister Hamrokhon Zarifi recently set the record straight. "Russia was, is, and will remain our strategic partner and ally." So much for his street-rep as the “pro-Western foreign minister.”

Some analysts have termed these "conflicting signals," since the foreign ministry informed world governments that hereafter, President Emomali Rahmonov will be known as Emomali Rahmon. (Get it, he's "Western and hip.") What is more, all civilian registry offices "will now use Persian names, dropping the Slavic endings of -ev and -ov when registering births." (Jamestown)

If he really wants to impress us, Eternal Remonst suggests Emomali change his name to "Puff Rahmon," then "P-Ram," and lastly, the President formerly known as P-Ram. That'll at least ensure an MTV cribs special, and maybe even an appearance on TRL. (Dare to dream!)
But what do we know?


Ern said...

Has anyone else noticed that our region is moving closer and closer to completely insane again? Where's that sweet money I could have made in the Soviet days? What has to happen for the region to become scary enough to raise my salary?

Vika said...

I think they might be working on that issue as we sit here, Ern, and we will all benefit from it. Well, in a manner of speaking.