Apr 20, 2007

Putin's Half Baked Plan Not Doing So Hot

Shocking, from RFE/RL: On June 22, 2006, Vladimir Putin issued a decree initiating an ambitious 6-year program designed to facilitate the voluntary repatriation of some of the estimated 30 million Russians living abroad. The program, meant to counter Russia's demographic crisis, officially entered its active phase on January 1, 2007. But Russia's regions still seem unwilling, or unprepared, to accept large numbers of newcomers. Additionally, it appears that only a few hundred people have applied for repatriation, despite promises of receiving Russian citizenship within 6 months of their return.

In conclusion, the Russian population is doomed. You can't have a state without people! Pretty soon Putin will be the proud leader of the largest reindeer reserve in the world.

1 comment:

Vika said...

Sweeeeet. Then maybe he'll retire. Hey-perhaps that's his master plan? The world's largest dacha property?