Apr 2, 2007

And so he deserved to be poisoned with polonium?

Is that what the Russians are trying to say?

RFE/RL: Russian state television launched an attack on Aleksandr Litvinenko. RTR reported that 4 years ago, Litvinenko offered an acquaintance millions of dollars in exchange for false testimony against Russian security services. The acquaintance, identified as Pyotr, claims that Litvinenko offered him money to falsely testify that security agents were plotting to kill exiled tycoon and Kremlin critic Boris Berezovsky. Pyotr says he refused but was forced to record the accusations after being drugged at a meeting with Litvinenko and another Berezovsky associate. Berezovsky has rejected the allegations. The report said the tape was a key element in a British court's decision to reject a Russian request to extradite Berezovsky.

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