Apr 19, 2007

Aren't resolutions supposed to resolve something?

RFE/RL: The Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly has passed a resolution criticizing Ukraine's leadership for failing to pass substantive political reforms in the years since the 2004 Orange Revolution. European lawmakers urged Ukraine's leadership to resolve its political crisis in "a quick, democratic, and legitimate manner." In a heated debate before the resolution's passage, lawmakers criticized both Yushchenko and Yanukovych.

But seriously, 1st problem, what is the point of passing a resolution that resolves nothing? They had a session to complain about a situation. Good work Council of Europe. Pat yourselves on the back, because no other political group had recognized that the crisis in Ukraine stems from weak institutions and weak leadership.

2nd problem, "quick, democratic, and legitimate manner." Anything that resolves this quickly will necessarily NOT be democratic. Democracy moves slowly, that's why 40% of Ukrainian are willing to give up their rights to resolve the situation. They know democracy will take a long time.

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