Jun 16, 2008

WorldPublicOpinion.org: The World's Opinion of Putin Is Not So High These Days

A new WorldPublicOpinion.org poll of 20 nations finds that none of the national leaders on the world stage inspire wide confidence. While the W is one of the least trusted leaders, no other leader--including China's Hu Jintao and Russia's Vladimir Putin--has gained a broad international base of support.

Putin remains popular inside Russia as he makes the transition from president to prime minister but has not emerged as an attractive world leader. 11 publics have a negative view of Putin while just 5 are positive (including China) and 3 are divided (including Azerbaijan). On average 32% express confidence in Putin--1 of the highest positive ratings--but a larger 48% do not. No region has predominantly positive views on Putin's global leadership.

Putin appears to have become a divisive figure. Although his ratings have improved slightly since a 2007 poll by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, the large positive movement in certain countries--such as China, where Putin's ratings are up 17 points--is balanced by negative movement in others--such as the US, where his ratings are down 21 pts.


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