Jun 4, 2008

Real Headline: "Another drunk baby born in Poland"

Another one? This is a trend, now?

According to Polskieradio: "A 25-year-old heavily intoxicated woman has given birth to a baby in a hospital in Trzebnica, south-west Poland. The amount of alcohol in the newborn's blood was 4 times the legal limit, and 5 times the legal limit in its mother's blood."

For the record, the legal blood alcohol limit in Poland is a draconian .02, and that's just for driving. Nobody said anything about child birth. What's more, 4x the legal limit in Poland translates to a measly .08, or the minimum level for Nick Nolte to function properly.

Since the newborn is clearly not going to be driving home from the hospital, lets hold off calling this woman a "bad mother."


Ern said...

Question: is that limit for adults or is that limit specifically for pregnant women???

Pirates&Diplomats said...

It's yhe limit for driving, so I guess both.

Anonymous said...

Ahem... that's Mernaya in the photo. What no stock photos of Sobieski or Wyborowa in the ER fault? Don't mess with my polskis who invented vodka! ;)

BTW -- http://youtube.com/watch?v=DryEmFCJLYM

Pirates&Diplomats said...


Don't be hating my stock photos, Mister. =)