Jun 23, 2008

Czech President Scorns "Europeism", Compares to Esperanto

The Sofia Weekly: EU skeptic Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic has declared that he was against "Europeism". Klaus stated:

"We should let people living on the European continent live as Czechs, Poles, Italians, Danes. Let's not turn them into "Europeans". This is a faulty project. The difference between the Czech, the Pole, the Italian, the Dane and the European is the same as the difference between the Czech, Polish, Italian, Danish languages and the Esperanto. Europeism equals Esperanto - an artificial, dead language."

While this Remont correspondant understand's Klaus' concerns, s/he can only offer this rebuttal: As long as William Shatner lives, Esperanto is not dead, and for that matter, as long as we can continue netflixing Incubus, Esperanto is not dead. Your move, Klaus!


Pirates&Diplomats said...

This is your best post, ever.

Ern said...

Anytime you can integrate Shatner into a story, it's bound to be pure gold.

Jaybird said...

Sopiri Vivi La European!