Jun 9, 2008

Bulgaria to Entice Tourists with Erotic Graffiti

The Sofia Weekly had too many this time to choose just one: Erotic graffiti dating back to the Middle Ages have become the greatest attraction for tourists visiting Bulgaria's medieval capital of Preslav. The drawings are on the eastern fortress wall of Preslav, which was the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire from 893 to 972. The director of the national archaeological reserve, Alexander Gorchev, said that it is not clear who the author of the drawings was, but scientists suppose authorship belongs to Bulgarian soldiers or workers from the 10th century.

Mr Gorchev added that there is an idea to create an "alley of love and sex" in the fortress in order to further popularise the drawings among tourists. "If we consider the artistry of the drawings, we could say the medieval inhabitants of the old Bulgarian capital had elaborate sex lives," Gorchev also said.

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