May 29, 2008

What about "Latviania?"

This week, the Czech Republic's soccer federation was forced to issue a formal apology after hosting Latvia in a prep game for the European Championship. The problem: the Czechs were actually playing Lithuania.

The Latvian flag was in the game program along with a photo of the Latvian national soccer team. Before the match, Czech organizers played Latvia's national anthem.

It is for this reason that Eternal Remont is a vocal supporter of Czechoslovenian reunification. Besides, all of these countries are basically the same, right?

It is time to end the madness.


Mrta said...

We're vocal supporters of Czechoslovak reunification?

Ern said...

Czechoslovenian reunification apparently, Mr. Ta. The honorable pirate diplomat is a master with subtle humor.

Jaybird said...

You can tell the difference by their actions towards Russia - Latvians like to move statues, while Lithuanians like to block statutes (a la PCA).

Pirates&Diplomats said...

Thank you Ern.

At least someone got it.

(Fair enough thoug, it's not that funny if nobody laughts).