May 8, 2008

British Football Fans to be Quarantined upon Arrival

Not too long ago, we posted that Russia for the first time in probably ever threw caution to the wind and said Brits could come to Moscow using their football match tickets as visas. Today, we hear that said "visa"-carrying Brits will actually be quarantined upon their arrival in Moscow.

NY Times: "The British fans will be headed for Russia largely aboard charter flights. After they land, they will be escorted directly to a fleet of 700 buses and 300 taxis...It is not clear whether the escort is meant to shield British fans from hooligan supporters of Moscow’s six soccer teams, who are rumored to be preparing attacks on British fans, or whether it is instead meant to protect Russians from the drinking and brawling so beloved by some of the British themselves when they travel abroad."

A friend of Remont had the following commentary:

On the Russian side: Wow, Russia. Wow. I can't think of anything else to tastefully say.

On the English side: Apparently your reputation for drinking and violence is enough to scare Russians. That's, eh, some kind of accomplishment...


Pirates&Diplomats said...

To steal from my second favorite for the Oscars this year:

"There will be blood."

Ern said...

I drink your milkshake...bitch!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, best line from that movie -- hands down.