May 7, 2008

Team Tandem

Today, the Russian Federation inaugurated Dmitri Medvedev as its third president in 17 years. Foreign media were not allowed into the event. However, our friends at RIA Novosti were kind enough to share a few snapshots.

For the record, Medvedev said ‘I do.’

Even though the “tandem” government has taken one big step forward, members of the Russian media are rather confused about the actual responsiblities of the new presidential administration (Jamestown).

This is likely because the details have not been fully settled. The Prime Minister will be taking many of the roles, de facto or de jure, which were once reserved for the president. It also means that, for all of the pomp and circumstance, President Medvedev has assumed the constitutional office of the presidency, but the terms of the deal are subject to change.

As far as the future direction of this new tandem government, Putin has offered a hint, saying, “It's very important for everyone together to continue the course that has already been taken and has justified itself.”

Come to think of it, this doubles as a nifty explanation of Plan Putina.

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