May 2, 2008

No Child Left Behind + Bridging the Digital Divide?

Our good friend Berdymukhamedov, showing again that he has no idea about the Internet, has proclaimed that

The President, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, demanded to ensure that internet access in Turkmenistan, striving to get over with self-isolation, becomes readily available even to kids in kindergartens.

The national media report citing the President’s speech that “Schools and kindergartens having no access to internet and Citing the President’s speech the national media report that “schools and kindergartens not equipped with means of access to internet and multimedia technologies will not be set into operation.” [sic]

Well I suppose that’s another way to make sure Turkmens don’t have access to primary education.

Now, there's been a lot of buzz about mobile phones in the developing world giving access to the internet for people who never had landlines in the first place. But does anyone actually believe that Turkmenistan will go straight to 3G services? And exactly how much did MTS tip off Berdy for rights to install infrastructure?

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Pirates&Diplomats said...

Give them the internet, and they might learn that all other countries are NOT run by little girls.