Mar 23, 2007

Russia, if you wanted an opposition party, should have enlisted more members. Go Russian democracy!

From RFE/RL: The Russian Supreme Court has ordered the closure a liberal opposition party. The court ruled that the Republican Party was too small to be considered a party under a 2004 Russian law. The court said the party has fewer than 50,000 members and was represented in fewer than half of Russia's regions.


Джон said...
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Джон said...

Ern, I would have also accepted:

"There's a party in my Russia and no one's coming."

They already have a opposition, damn it! Hello - Just Russia - totally legit. They have pins and banners and everything. And like all real political parties, Just Russia is a smashed-together mix of disparate fractions that probably hate each other as much as they hate the fact that the Kremlin demanded their merger. Just like a real party.

Ern said...

Hey, I love State iniated oppositions just as much as the next girl. I'm just saying. Why not two opposition parties?