Mar 12, 2007

Pimpin' ain't easy...for Bulgarians

From the Sofia Weekly: Bulgaria Ratifies Longer Sentences For Pimping

Bulgaria's Parliament ratified a new law for passing more severe punishments and higher fines for pimping and incitement to prostitution. The law, which has been adopted only at first reading, provides for up to ten years in prison for pimps. According to the previous amendment in the Criminal Code, the punishments concerned are at most six-year imprisonment, even if the victims are under aged. The new penalties are to be discussed before the final changes in the Criminal Code are made. Even if being adopted, they will not influence the trials that are already instituted.

AND: Bulgarian Pimp Sentenced to 11 Months in Prison

The regional court in Bulgaria's town of Sliven sentenced Tuesday the pimp Dobrin Shopov to 11-month imprisonment for incitement to prostitution of girls in the Netherelands. Shopov was also imposed a BGN 500 fine.

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