Mar 28, 2007

Paging Dr. Freud...

Is just me or does anyone else see the irony of Neo Hui Min discussing "mind-boggling megastructures"? (Igor)

The Straits Times (Singapore)
March 28, 2007
Moscow aims high
Flush with oil profits, the city is transforming its skyline with mind-boggling megastructures.
By Neo Hui Min

IMAGINE a massive flying saucer-like structure sprawled across a six-lane highway, a 250m-tall tower twisting skywards in the centre of town, and a 1km-long oceanarium. These out-of-this-world megastructures aren't fantasy - they are expected to transform the city-state of Moscow over the next few years. Riding high on oil profits, the Russian capital is undergoing a demolition and construction frenzy not seen since the Stalin era and risks running out of superlatives as it races to build the biggest, best and tallest. In the hotel sector alone, there are currently 203 establishments with 69,000 beds. But going by the city development plan, about 370 new hotels will be added, more than trebling capacity by the end of the decade. According to hotel real-estate analyst Lodging Econometrics, the average hotel project size in Moscow, at 261 rooms, is the highest reported in any European country...

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