Mar 26, 2007

Putin's Approval Rating at an All Time High... are the Russian media's lies and movements' propaganda about how awesome Putin is...

From RFE/RL: Russia's prestigious Levada Center polling agency recently found that President Putin's popularity rating has reached 82 percent. Levada Center researcher Leonid Sedov said that support for Putin is likely to remain high as long as Russians perceive him to be a competent and energetic manager of foreign and domestic affairs, especially the economy.

In related news, about 15,000 supporters of the well-disciplined, pro-Kremlin youth movement Nashi pledged in Moscow on March 25 to defend their country from a host of enemies as they celebrated seven years of President Putin's incumbency, news agencies reported. One pamphlet depicted both former German dictator Adolf Hitler and U.S. President George W. Bush as enemies of Russia. Nashi supporters sought to recruit members and gave out special mobile-phone cards, with which they urged people to send congratulatory text messages to Putin at a special number.

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