Feb 3, 2010

"Tymoshenko’s Looming Defeat"

Just three days before Ukraine’s second round presidential vote, one of the best English language blogs on the subject has all but declared Tymoshenko dead on arrival:

“Entering the last week of 2010 presidential campaign Tymoshenko finds herself in a complete political isolation. None of the candidates, who lost in the first
round, are willing to rally their supporters behind her candidacy.”
Apparently, "years of hateful rhetoric and irresponsible accusations" are to blame. However, we’ve said all along that Tymoshenko could add 15% to her numbers if she’d just dye her hair fluorescent red -- thus raising her appeal among Yanukovich’s core babushka demographic.

Live and learn.

Update: If you're interested, check out Taras Kuzio's vicious rebuttal to the original blog post. (Thanks Leopolis!)


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Kuzio has a bone to pick with Kudelia about his anti-Yulia bias:


Anonymous said...

Plus, it's Gothic Purple #5. The babkas have long since thrown out their Vampire Red #2.

PetrusDran said...

Wow Taras: "Serhiy Kudelia, is on a mission...to use any forum he has access to unashamedly attack Yulia Tymoshnko’s candidacy."

And good call on the latest trends in hair color. Gotta keep up with the hip babushka set.