Feb 24, 2010

Lenin Had a Sex Life?

We might have just found a new motto for Eternal Remont, compliments of Helen Rappaport’s new biography of Lenin during his pre-revolutionary exile:

“There it is, my fate. One fighting campaign after another — against political stupidities, philistinism, opportunism and so forth."
Amen, brother Vlad.

So why is everyone talknig about the biography of a Kremlin lawn ornament? Well, Rappaport jumps head first into Lenin’s sex life, particularly his long-whispered affair with Inessa Armand (pictured). Rappaport writes:

"His sexuality, seemingly, had long been subordinated—along with his emotional needs.”
Get Fabio on the cover and you've got a best seller.


Ani said...

My dears, Lenin had a menage à trois going on for a long time--surely there's a movie in it! But speaking of, I fear you have missed the news on the Stalin front: http://twitter.com/GoldenTent/statuses/9333096453

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Di Caprio?

Oh Lord.

Who's going to play Hitler, Miley Cyrus?

elmer said...

Ummmm -

If you watch TV in Ukraine, you will pick up a commercial which reminds you "there was no sex in the USSR."

The commercial is for a sex product.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...


True fact: officially the USSR was free of all STD's, since they were a product of decadent bourgeois imperialism.

Golf Videos said...

Lenin died on Jan. 21, 1924, "supposedly," Ms. Rappaport remarks, "the victim of a series of seizures, but, as now seems likely, having succumbed to syphilis contracted sometime in the 1900s."

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