Feb 1, 2010

I want my GTV!

According to BBC, "First Caucasian" has been blocked in Russia. Now because the details are so convoluted, I'm going to list them. I have no idea how to construct a cogent sentence from all of this:

1. "First Caucasian" is a Georgian-owned television station (hence G TV)
2. "First Caucasian" is a Russian-language channel
3. "First Caucasian" is transmitted by the French satelite operator, Eutelsat, but the company has halted transmitting it, possibly because of pressure from Russia
4. Eutelsat has signed a lucrative contract with a Russian firm called Intersputnik, whose clients reportedly include the Russian state-controlled firm, Gazprom Media.

So we have in play: Georgia, Russia, France, media, and Gazprom. Not at all suspicious. Is there a way to involve China?

Well, I'm not going to argue whether any of this is legal or moral, but I do want to know, is there any good programing on "First Caucasian"? If it's all propaganda, fine, I really don't care what happens, but what if there's an amazing buddy comedy "Irakli and the Bear"? Don't deny the people entertainment.


Anonymous said...

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Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Can we change the name of Eternal Remont to "Intersputnik?"


Anonymous said...

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