Feb 24, 2010

EU Visa Regime Weakens

Don't worry. The EU still hates Turkey.

So after the meeting of the EU top diplomats in Brussels, the Italian Foreign Affairs Minister, Franco Frattini, reported that the EU will propose a visa-free regime for travel inside the Union for Ukrainian citizens. The EU wishes to establish strong relations with the administration of the newly elected President of the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, known for being a bit more pro-Russian.

So Ukraine is being rewarded for picking the candidate the west didn't want? Ukraine, why didn't lean east earlier?

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American Russia Observations said...

Greetings Eternal Remont!

Visa free travel in Europe for the Ukraine is a good first step towards doing the same for Russia.

Travel restrictions should only be for risk, not as a comment on the nature of the applicant's government.

Most Russians want to party-hardy and have no other agenda. Sometimes Americans are too interested in reforming what they see into Stepford Wives reality. So why are laissez faire Russians restricted?

All the best,